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About OSINET.NET, a professional company

Founded in 2004, OSINET quickly defines its stand as one of the leading Software Development and Website Design Company. Our experience, expertise, best-equipped facility, professional management and commitment have been bringing our customers utmost satisfaction and in return rewarded us with rapid and sustainable growths over the past 15 years.

Being based in San francisco USA, OSINET successfully thrives in a growing and competitive hi-tech market as a top ranked software development company, software outsourcing service provider, and cost-effective website design firm. OSINET provides you with premium and comprehensive solutions in , Software Development, Custom Website Design and Ecommerce Website Design.

Apart from the recognized quality services, OSINET has always been the first choice for customers of needs in terms of prices. The Vietnamese professional software offshore outsourcing company is committed to provide international standard services for its customers at affordable rates.

In order to satisfy customers and pursue our own development path, our people not only possess a firm knowledge and sound understanding of the works they are involved in but also have a clear mindset towards corporate working philosophy, which can be shortly described as:


Never, ever leave a job unfinished or a customer waiting on any requested project. Time is money and when you hire OSINET - you will save both!.


Remaining true to ourselves, our commitment to our customers and their business. We make sure you can depend on us for offshore outsourcing development, software development and complete website design services!


Making sure that what you request is what we can provide. We don't oversell, or give you a false guarantee about our products or services. OSINET deciphers a business situation and determines if we can provide you with appropriate solutions - before money changes hands!


In today's highly competitive corporate and national markets, confidentiality is critical. Your trade secrets will be OSINET's trade secrets, too!.


We at OSINET do not sit back on our laurels. We believe in always research, testing and education in the latest of IT developments in order to provide customers with premium quality and timely services. OSINET never rest, so your company can!

The key factors that have been bringing forth successes to our company include:
  • Human Resource which comprises of highly experienced IT professionals who are dedicated to providing cost effective, high quality offshore outsourcing services. Read more...
  • Technical Skills in which re-using and continuously improving well-tested work is the key to cost effectiveness in software offshore outsourcing services in OSINET. Read more...
  • Project Management: Transparent and professional project management environment has always been given the top priority by OSINET to assure project missions are successfully accomplished. Read more...
  • Quality Management: Quality Management in OSINET guarantees customers with effective and risks-free projects. Read more...
  • Infrastructure: OSINET is ready to develop cross-platform applications in his modern, well-equipped and innovative infrastructure environment. Read more...
  • IP Protection: At OSINET, information security management system makes sure that your information is distributed to authorized person only. Read more...

No matter if you are a small scale, individually-led business or a giant cross-national enterprise, no matter where you are located, no matter when you request...OSINET is always ready to provide you with the best and most cost-effective services as the top and trusted software offshore outsourcing service provider, software development company, and cost-effective website design firm.

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