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Project Management

Professional Project Management is the key to our successes

Serious project management brings projects to life

Transparent and logical project management is the key to project success and customer satisfaction. By applying proven, well-known software engineering process and management methodologies such as SCRUM methodology and Agile software development approach; and encouraging multi-roles engagements and giving full commitment, OSINET not only gives clients a firm assurance over project fruitful accomplishment, but also creates a highly disciplined, effective and professional working processes which make the best out of the employees' performance.

Being well-aware of the importance hold by project management, we at OSINET have been paying close attention to every single step within the project implementation stages, from the initiation, planning, programming, testing and maintenance. The project management responsibility is divided among different roles, having different positions and expertises but working together in properly organized, cross-functional groups dedicated to the success of projects.

ISO 9000 and ISO 27000 form the basis of management processes

With the utmost endeavor towards best practices in project management, OSINET has been recognized for ISO 9000; ISO 27000 and CMMI 3 compliance. Our process-based management combines traditional methodologies and modern, adaptive methods such as SCRUM or Agile. We, thus, are committed to providing the most effective and flexible management schemes for requested projects. While the traditional water-fall process model envisions clearly defined, linear sequences of development, the SCRUM methodology and Agile software development approach highlight human interaction and collaboration in a highly adaptive and flexible manner. The seamless combination of management philosophies together with standardized management processes have given us a strong capability in managing successfully single, independent project as well as simultaneous multi-project management.

Let get all project roles engaged in the best accomplishment of project missions

Another key factor that has been bringing OSINET success in project management is the ability to get people involved in management processes. Successful project management requires active participation of each and every project team member. OSINET is skilled in getting all project roles engaged in the best accomplishment of project, which brings the most satisfiable values to our clients. One noticeable point is that we let customer involve in project management via transparent web based QMS. In this way, real-time communication between customer and OSINET is established. Our developers may directly discuss with client about the requirements, feedbacks, etc, which help us tailor the product in the exact and up-to-date specifications provided by customer, eliminating any chance of non-compliance or aftermath error correction cost. Clients choose OSINET for trusted, easy tracking and monitoring, well-managed projects.

Clear management targets ensure completed work meets expectation!

Above all, the most trusted and recognizable value that clients find in OSINET is the dedication and commitment in the way we do business. We always carry out requested project in a highly serious manner and with best endeavor. The success of the project is the best reward to us. We focus on ON TIME, ON BUDGET and TO SPECIFICATIONS to ensure your project is delivered as expected.

When it comes to OSINET, set yourself at ease as you can be sure that your project will definitely be professionally and successfully managed!

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