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Project Managers for hire

Hire an experienced project manager to effectively manage your project

Transparent and logical project management is the key to success of any project. With highly qualified, committed and experienced individuals skilled and familiar with proven process approach methods combining SCRUM methodology and Agile software development, OSINET on one hand gives its clients the firm assurance over project fruitful accomplishment, and on the other hand creates a highly disciplined, effective and professional working processes which make the best out of employees' performance.

By hiring a project manager from OSINET to head your project or your department, not only your project is guaranteed to succeed, but your organization will also learn during the process.

"Thorough, great methodology, high effectiveness, living examples of representatives for change!" - these are some of the words used by our clients to describe OSiNet project managers for hire, when they are responsible for completing a project for any length of time. Our PMs' particular strength lies in ensuring that the project is successful while at the same time making sure that the organization learns from the process, thus avoiding the loss of important knowledge, once the PM has finished his task.

The OSINET PMs have a combination of solid professional project-related experience from managing numerous, large and complex projects, they possess knowledge from the industry, the educational ability to convey and teach, human maturity and training in practical transformation management. This is a strong combination resulting from our specific selection of PMs. We also support remote project management. In any type of project management, our managers focus on 3 main targets: on time, on budget, to specification with a clear motto: project success and customer's satisfaction is the supreme goal.

We are also often contacted when a project has stalled or gone wrong, but fortunately also in situations when the project is of such nature, importance and complexity that the organization realizes how important solid project experience is for the project to be successful. Professional project managers in OSINET provide you with remote project management services conforming to different software project engineering methodologies. Our process-based management combines traditional methodologies and modern, adaptive methods such as SCRUM or Agile. We, thus, are committed to providing the most effective and flexible management schemes for requested projects. While the traditional water-fall management model envisions clearly defined, linear sequences of development, the SCRUM methodology and agile software development approach highlight human interaction and collaboration in a highly adaptive and flexible manner. The seamless combination of management philosophies together with standardized management processes have given us a strong capability in managing successfully single, independent project as well as simultaneous multi-project management.

PMs' profiles

OSINET strongly focuses on a high quality of experience, professionalism, compassion and the ability to convey learning.

Our PMs possess a high level of international experience and are certified at a high level according to one or more of the international certification agreements.

Industries and sectors

OSINET PMs cover many industries and sectors. The main areas are:

  • Medical
  • Finance and banking
  • Travel and living industry
  • IT and telecom
  • Energy
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Airlines industry
  • Retailing
  • State and municipalities
  • And so many more ...
If you want to save your time, money and efforts; if you want your team to work in a well organized and professional manner, and most importantly, if you want to be guaranteed about the project success, then wait no minute to contact us. OSiNet PMs are available round the clock to give you a 'strong' hand.

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