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Human Resources

High Skilled Human Resources at OSINET

Our human resources consists of competent software developers and creative web designers who are given necessary trainings and best working environment to demonstrate their capabilities, focus on their work, and create value for their customers. Our human resources policies highlight the following factors:

Competence and Ability

Competence is the cornerstone of performance and thus we take competence to be the most important factor for our personnel decisions. OSINET only employs highly experienced IT professionals who are dedicated to providing cost effective, high quality offshore outsourcing services.

We can communicate in English as native programmers via several ways such as phone, Skype, Instant Messaging programs, email, etc. This makes communication between us and customers become ever so easy.

Creativity and Autonomy

An individual's creativity is the basis for value creation. OSINET respects diversity and autonomy, allowing each of his employees to exercise their creativity to the full. Developers, designers, etc, are encouraged to take a creative and individual approach to challenges, with a strong emphasis placed on performance and skill and equal, merit-based opportunities across the board.

Apart from that, OSINET's personnels are also skilled and competent in group work and team work. A well organization of capable, cross-functional individuals makes strong and solid teams, from which our customers benefit the most.


With frequent and proper training courses, OSINET offers diverse educational programs to its staffs. These opportunities are accorded by rank and job to encourage growth and development to instil the professional capabilities they would most need, such as enabling them to catch up with or adapt to latest technologies.

Professional Management

Our people work in a professionally managed environment in a professional manner. Each and every developer is well-aware of and strictly follows the management process guidelines set forth by the Management Board, which guarantees efficiency, cost savings and high quality of products


Our software developers and web designers can work off-shore or on-site depending on customers' needs. The flexibility in personnel allocation enables us to address the various and diversified requirements from customers.

Performance-based Rewards

Rewards based on performance are essential for motivation. OSINET evaluates performance results scientifically and rewards them accordingly.

Long-term Perspective
Maintaining a long-term perspective is the foundation for OSINET's human resource policies. OSINET's human resource programs are designed with a long-term perspective and implemented with dedication and persistence.

With qualified human resources consisting of experienced software developers and creative web designers, OSINET has successfully established itself as a market leader in Offshore Outsourcing Development Services, Software Development, Custom Website Design and Ecommerce Website Programming.

We compete with your in-house staff to form cost-effective, remote IT Department in your company!

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