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Dedicated Java Developers

Java Developers

Java is the primary platform used for product development at OSINET. Java is a simple, object oriented, cross platform programming language rich with powerful standard libraries.

Over the last few years OSINET has been involved in the migration of legacy systems to J2EE for a number of software companies. OSINET has exploited the scalability, extensibility, interoperability and portability of the J2EE framework to develop solutions to suit all business needs.

With OSINET, you can have qualified Java programmers at an affordable cost. Our people can work on cross-platform environments such as UBUNTU, WINDOWS7, etc.

OSINET has expertise in the integration of various API's such as JDBC, Javamail, JAXP, XML4J, Jakarta-regexp, Struts framework, Jakarta-ant, Jakarta-velocity, JNDI and other third party API's. J2EE Connector Architecture, Java Message Services (JMS): Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS), Java Transaction API (JTA) are some of the API's that we has worked with.

OSINET's primary IDE for application development is Net Beans IDE and Eclipse. We also has expertise in developing customized solutions using Sun One Application server 7, Jakarta-Tomcat with Apache as web Server, Sun One Identity Server and Sun One Directory Server.

OSINET's Java Solutions
  • Point of Sales software - (Using Java technology such as Java Swing, JPOS and JMF)
  • Activity Tracking System
  • Web Application for universities
  • SMS gateway, MMS gateway
  • Referrals Management Portal
  • Work Order Management

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