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Advert Generator

Advert Generator
Role: Project manager, Coder, Graphic designer
Techs: .NET, MSSQL
Management: SCRUM
Platform: MS Windows

Ads Generator is an advertisement generation machine with abiltity to generate embedded advert on fly to fit different size, different framework and serve different purposes. Ads Generator can generate different type of applet, from banner listing to an ecommerce applet letting the ads onwer to host their products and embed it on the other website.

Ads Generator allows users to subscribe to services and build theirown ads store, manage adverts, re-distribute adverts and transation of subscription.

Ads Generator lets visitor navigate and buy products within the applet itself to maintain great user-friendly and consistency features, which are always been the part OSINET pay most attention to satisfy the end-user.

Ads Generator project proves proficiency and high-skill of OSINET team on XHTML, javascript, ajax and ASP.NET - C# programming for complex business system with millions of records in MSSQL database.

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