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Africa Tour website

Africa Tour website
Role: Project manager, Coder, Graphic designer
Techs: .NET, MSSQL
Management: Agile
Platform: Linux, MS Windows

This project is a tourist company website for introducing services to customers and allowing them to book for their designed tours. Functionally the project technique is not complex. However, during the implementation we met several challenges and our professionals had successfully overtooken the obstacles. What highlight our skills in this project?:

  • All of the booking process was requested to be done without page reload: We applied advanced techniques in JQuery to handle both client side and server side programming.
  • Website must be XHTML compliant and well checked over different common browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari. We passed all the validation in the first check.
  • The layout of the website needs to demonstrate the Africa looks and feels. Our professional designers had to search for a lot of Africa culture style and work out the current one which really excite the customer.

All in all, this project is one of the 300 successful projects series we have done in the last 5 years!

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